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Re: Welcome your Washington Commanders

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
He didn't sell the team to Dan. His trust did. They ( people that worked for him, accountants and lawyers) were instructed by his will to sell to the highest bidder. He deleted a clause in his will sometime in the early 90's that would have awarded the team to his son John. Instead John had to bid for it himself and didn't have enough money. He ended up w/ 10% of the sale (80 million + another 20 million in cash) cause he owned 10% of the team.

Basically we are stuck w/ Dan because of Mr. Cooke. He could have easily handed the team down to John but didn't. He didn't want his legacy to be the Redskins. He wanted it to be his foundation. Hard to argue w/ that. It has helped a ton of kids get to college that may never have otherwise.
Good info, thanks. Too bad both weren't an option. Wish he sold the team before he died if he didn't necessarily want his son to have it. So he could have been part of the vetting process.

Just so frustrating that we got stuck with such a shithead.

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