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Re: Question to all Commander fans...

Originally Posted by OnceWeWereKings View Post
I know we have upgraded at positions...but I always kind of look at the floor as last years record. hopefully we get a few more wins than last year, but until they prove it on the field, its just the celery that would come with undercooked wings.
again...i def see improvements, but our defense is still the same scheme with no lb group. With our starting rotation in last year before injuries (and mostly after) they were pretty abysmal.
we shall def see. hope im wrong...but i dont think we have done enough to turn the corner.
That's fair. They will have to prove it.

I do think less than 10 wins would be a failure though. It's weird saying that, but there's too much talent for me to think otherwise. To me, this is the year that after which, we can all look back on the hiring of RR and company, and pass judgment.
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