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Top Stories Going Into Camp

What are you looking forward too, the big stories, who you watching, what camp battles, etc.

1. Keenum Vs Haskins - Its all about the QB...should be intense. I hope folks are right when they say once we see preseason games it Haskins will shine over Keenum. Will be the classic experience vs raw talent battle.

2. Oline instability - Whats new right? Silverback issues, no extension for Schreff, LG starter? and Ereck "the trainwreck" Flowers. Im hoping we at least get the Schreff extension done soon.

3. Im for sitting our Often Injured players - Jordan Reed, Chris Thompson, Morgan Moses, Quinton Dunbar, and Paul Richardson. At least dial down the playtime...P Rich probably needs to develop a rapport with the QB...

4. Who emerges at WR from our young talent? We have a ton of rookies, 2 year guys, etc coming back...who can emerge as legit ballers.

5. Defense....dude, there is simply no excuses for the coaching staff. We have legitimate talent at every unit on the defense. I don't think we are a top 5, but I do think we could be 5-10 best in league.

What you got???? Im ready to get this season going...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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