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Originally Posted by OmahaRedskins View Post
Coming from Omaha, Nebraska. We would like to stay under 1K plus flights.
I love to travel on the cheap and speaking from experience I feel like the best place to find deals on domestic flights is through Southwest. You just have to continuously monitor their homepage to see when they're offering sales, and with a little time you'll learn when they're offering a BS sale vs. a legit sale.

A legit sale I've seen one way domestic flights, nonstop, for under $100. Right now they are having a "spring" sale but it's not a legit sale because cities that I'm always eyeballing aren't actually discounted. Normally their legit sales they'll run on Tues-Thurs during a slow period of the year, i.e. non-holiday periods/etc. I would wait until summer before I start looking at flights to DC, there are definitely good deals to be had. You might be able to do round-trip per person, with 2 free bags, nonstop, from Omaha to DC, for around 200-250.
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