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Re: QB or BPA for our #1 Draft Pick - 2020

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
I looked up mocks last night .. all have us taking LT Andrew Thomas. While I am sure Thomas may be a great player and we would be blessed to go Chris Samuels = Trent = Thomas ... I dont know how you pass up on Chase Young, even though we have spent soo many high draft picks on edge.

At #2 overall ... if you dont go BPA ... you are the reactionary redskins.

Tua? I dont know if he is really all that. Im sure he is polished and can read defenses but after reading the scouting reports it seems like Alabama has him get the ball out to his athletes with 5-15 yard passes. Not bad at all for a West Coast 3-5 step drop get the ball out offense.

Burrows or Chase Young for me.
No one throws a better deep ball then Tua. Most pros don't throw a better deep ball than he does. The kid is special. Sucks that he got hurt but he'll recover. Durability will be the question mark, his talent can not be questioned.
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