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Re: Jets fly-by the Skins Postgame Thread

2 - Ryan Kerrigan sacks. From the 1st snap when he pushed the RT back you could tell he had a good matchup.

5 - receptions for Harmon on 6 targets

45 - yards on that nice catch and run by Guice, he showed speed and an open field move.


-10 - negative 10 yards on skins 1st scoring drive
1 - tackle and QB pressure for Montez Sweat on 36 snaps

I heard some stats on Grant and Danny that I hopefully get right. 9 game home losing streak, 5 by more than 3 possessions, 1 by single digits (SF rain game?). That is brutal.

At one point yesterday, did we bench Norman, Moreau and Dunbar at the same time?
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