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Re: Jets fly-by the Skins Postgame Thread

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
Manusky is the worst coordinator in the league, regardless of offense or defense. So whoever we go up against, they will have a better gameplan than us. The defense has no chance unless they can individually make game changing plays, which they can't. Plus our LBs are terrible. They just get swallowed up in the run game. And Norman and Nicholson suck. Terrible DC and a bunch of bad players. Feel bad for the good players.
I know we have some skilled players on defense , so Iím blaming
the defensive coaches for not using them properly, starting players
that shouldnít be playing (Norman, Nicholson). Make players accountable and bench their asses if they fuck up, but they donít.
Joe Gibbs- The best coach of all time, Lombardi trophy should be renamed Gibbs.

Art Monk- Art was like an OL playing WR, doing the dirty work and not getting the glory.

Darrell Green- Best DB ever.

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