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Re: Week 1 - Post-game Thread

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
Herbert is a fucking boss. He puts the ball right where it needs to be.

That being said, our defense is WAY OVERRATED. Dudes were just wide ass open. And when they weren't, Herbert threw great balls, and their WRs were just tougher than our DBs.

If you want to score just keep throwing the ball against us.

Gibson looked good, but if you can't protect the ball, you can't play. 2 fumbles is unacceptable. The 2nd, being a backbreaker after a great pick by Jackson.

Juste was right on top of guys, just couldn't finish. I'm excited about him.
The thing that is most frustrating to me is all the talk about what a great defense we have, top defensive line in the NFL - experts picking us to win today on the strength of our d performance.

Meanwhile we know - if the defensive line isn't dominant - we don't stand a chance. This team is not good enough to pick up the slack if the best part of our team isn't effective.

I'm pretty sick of all the pre-game talk. Everybody got all hyped up before the game started and for what? So we can watch our d get walked down the field on the first drive?

The announcers were all over Herbert's jock today and for good reason. Other than a good play here and there from our d-line he did whatever he wanted on the field today.

Teams know the plan now. Get the ball out quick and you will neutralize this so called "top defensive line" of the NFL. If you neutralize them we got nothing.
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