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Re: Current Redskins Salary Cap Status - 2009

The story of the plan laid out is basically this:

- The Skins are $3.0 million over the cap, with 46 players under contract.

- Because I'm assuming the 30% Rule is in effect, the Skins can only clear about $2 million in space with contract restructures.

- They can then cut Marcus Washington to clear $4.5.

- They can extend or cut Springs and Jason Taylor to clear more space. Cutting them clears the most, but from everything I hear and read, Springs is still viewed as an intregal component of the defense, and last year Vinny said Jason Taylor would be around more than one season.

- They will have about $10 million in space to sign players. But they need a kicker, and then they need to tender Golston, Montgomery, and Doughty. Then they need to get Albright and Demetric Evans resigned. Then they need to plan on an amount to sign rookies, and I'm assuming they want to resign Hall. They also need to replace Kendall. In the end, I expect them to eat up all $10 million just from resigning their own guys and draft picks.

I don't see them having space to buy any free agents, unless they make deeper roster cuts than what I'm predicting here, or unless they choose to forego DeAngelo Hall.

Much can change over the coming weeks, so CC and me will keep this thread updated. The purpose of this thread is to educate the community, so feel free to ask questions.
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