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Re: Philly postgame week 1

Chase Young is the real deal. Big impact plays all over the field...he runs to ball carriers.

Man, RK made 2 yugggge bigly plays. Dude I was wrong, he can still play.

I thought the CB locked down the outside well, Collins had 2 big Tackles for loss. Curl and Moreland had nice tackle for losses as well.

The offense had some big plays...I think the Sims jr catch near the goal line was a big time. Logan Thomas got it going as a the game went on, 2 big first down catches and the Blown coverage TD.

Barber got some tough yards for us...the 4th down run was play of the game.

Haskins, missed some throws but good energy and leadership. Never got down!

JDR and Ron - these 2 guys are why we won
2020 NFC East Champions

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