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Re: Redskins sign Landon Collins 6 yr/84M

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
Very reasonable deal, people that were scoffing over the initial numbers are looking pretty silly now.

Never judge a deal on the initial numbers.
Its still a lot for a Safety with the cap hit...coming off recent coverage issues.

The question now is going forward...I don't want to fucking hear about not having the money for obvious issues on the team. And saying well lets wait for the draft to fill the need is ass backwards team building...that's how you seriously fuck up.

Left Guard, Safety, Edge pass rusher...We need starters at everyone of these positions. We have no Oline depth...none sans the Tackle from Louisville.

Look at the money allocated at TE...makes zero sense. WR is a complete mess.

We need a lot of the Collins deal is great...but we need to continue to spend money. Smart money
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