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Re: Post game Packers

Originally Posted by DYoungJelly View Post

I was pretty surprised to see Settle and Hood only got snaps on special teams.

I know they rotate the big guys more in the nickel, but wow. I really thought there would be more from the bench.
Eh, it's a bit surprising but not something I necessarily disagree with. The Bama boys were feasting so you gotta leave em in there.

Plus it seemed we were only running 2 down linemen for a lot of the game with our OLB's on the edges. And that led to Matt I. sitting out a few more snaps than we'd prefer to see. Whenever we'd go traditional 3 down he was in there.

But with that logic (only having 2 linemen for a majority of plays) Settle and Hood just get pushed down the line even further than if we ran 3.

Our Defensive Line depth really is a strength this year. I can't believe just HOW night and day it is from last year and even more so than 2 years ago. Amazing.
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