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Re: Kirk Cousins 365 thread

For everyone who is OK with watching KC leave, I ask you to consider (I think I have everyone since we won a Superbowl):

Rex Grossman
John Beck
Jason Campbell
Mark Brunell (the old one)
Donovan McNabb (same)
Todd Collins
Patrick Ramsey
Tim Hasselbeck
Shane Matthews
Danny Wuerffel
Tony Banks
Jeff George
Brad Johnson (well, that might have worked out)
Trent Green (same)
Gus Frerotte
Jeff Hostetler
Heath Shuler
John Friesz

So we have a QB that has broken most franchise records, led us to consecutive winning seasons in I-can't-remember-how-long, was top 5 in most statistical categories in the league this year, is by all accounts a super teammate and all around good guy. . .

and folks would let him go for a few picks? Honestly, I do not get this. Unless you have a once-in-a-few decades defense, no team has won it all without a franchise QB.
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