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Re: Washington trainer Ryan Vermillion on leave due to criminal investigation

It doesn't have to be pills. If he was, for example, giving painkilling or other injections to players, would they necessarily challenge his legal standing to do so? As a player I'd be worried about the legality of the drugs themselves, not the legality of his administering them. Though obviously you'd be expecting the team medical staff to do that, not the training team/physio.

And while the implication is that he was passing out drugs, there's nothing stated yet to indicate it was definitely linked to the team. He could have been passing on prescription drugs to outside parties when away from team facilities. Would seem pretty stupid to be doing it on the team campus given the public nature of a major sports franchise and the frequent presence of the press etc.

As to who would/should know, if he was discreet while doing it on campus (i.e. only in his own office with nobody else around) or only did it off campus with no other team employees around, how would you expect the team to be aware? I mean yeah, if he was dealing 1000's of pills to a whole bunch of players you'd expect someone to twig, but if he wasn't doing it there or was so select in who he dealt with, how would it raise suspicion?
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