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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by BigHairedAristocrat View Post
There is just more of a health concern with Tua. Even before the hip thing, he's always getting hurt. Both appear to be clear upgrades over Haskins. I would be fine taking Tua at 2 and either trading Haskins or going into 2020 and letting them compete. See who shines and there's your starter. If they both shine, then trade one of them in 2021 or 2022.

I'd also be fine taking Young or trading down if the offer is obscene.

We are in a very very good spot in my opinion.

- Trading up for Burrow - Great Decision
- Stay and Select Young - Great Decision
- Stay and select Tua - Great Decision
- Trade down to 3-6, accumulate picks and still get an elite talent - Great Decision

If Bruce were in charge, I would be worried he'd find a way to screw up any of these scenarios. But he's not. I completely trust the people we have in charge.
I agree.

Thank god we lost that OT game in Dec to the giants, that lost could be franchise changing.
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