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Re: Trent Williams holding out for new deal

Did Trent decide to do this at a bad timing? Yes, we are already close to our cap limit (largely thanks to QB situation). However we must acknowledge this is not players' issue, that is entirely on FO alone. FO, owners, and fans always say it's business whenever they decide to cut or trade players, and it is personal when players try to turn the table around. It's comical how fans always complain when they think players are being greedy and don't complain when owners are being greedy. The less money players get, the more money owners have in their pocket. If I spend money on NFL games, I would very much prefer for majority of my money go to players, not Dan Snyder and NFL.

Does Trent deserve a raise? Absolutely, he has shown that he is one of best tackles in NFL (and history) on consistent basis. There is no argument against this regardless of what few of you guys are claiming against Trent. Sure, there is injury factor but we can easily work around this by offering a raise based on incentives (For example, Trent must play 80% of season to earn $2m more). Redskins can protect themselves with this incentive contract - if Trent gets injured again and cannot play for a while, then Redskins can use the money that is allocated to Trent's incentive contract to sign a free agent tackle to replace Trent if necessary.

For those people who are saying that we should trade Trent - who will you replace Trent with? At this point, there is no available tackle that is even remotely close to Trent's level.

Imagine this, you have been working for your employer for 10 years making 50k a year. You have consistenly put in full efforts to complete your assignments with high standards, and your employer absolutely loves you and is dependent on you providing high quality work at all times. Then you see your employer (or your employer's competitors) hire people for same position you work - those people might have less experience than you do, and some people complete same assignments with subpar standards and yet they are making 70k a year. Will you continue to keep your head down and work until you retire, or will you make efforts to get a pay raise or find a different job?

The bottom line is, (1) Trent just made a decision that will benefit himself and his family and at same time, it puts Redskins in a difficult position. (2) Redskins need to extend Scherff's contract and Redskins should not sacrifice Scherff, just to make Trent happy. (3) If I'm the FO, I will try to find a way to achieve both - without knowing full details of Redskins' salary position and etc, I would try to convert Alex Smith's money into signing bonus (or whatever strategy that will help reduce Smith's money in cap) and then rewrite Trent's current contract by adding incentives that will allow Trent earn more money without extending his contract. In other words, he will get a pay raise for remaining of his contract. By end of the contract, he will be about 32 years old and we should have a better feeling of whether he can continue to play well at that time.
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