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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
Fox flashed a graphic during the Giants game that said a lot. In his first few games his average time from snap to release was 3.0 seconds. In his first few starts it was 2.9. And in the last three it was 2.6 seconds. We canít know who on the coaching staff helped him get there, Iíd say it was everybody. Callahan set a tone on the whole team for more work ethic. OíConnell and Cavanaugh surely played a role. Haskins got better with adjusting protections. And then the external factors helped, the rookie WRs definitely all took steps forward and it didnít hurt that the Lions Eagles and Giants all have terrible defenses.

But the important thing is you could see definite progression in the mental aspects. He adjusted protection well during pre snap reads. And he moved through the progressions well - I think in some cases his first read was just open more often because the Eagles and Giants canít cover - but in other cases his eyes moved from first read to second read to check down pretty quickly. The sack numbers came down big time and his time from snap to release quickened.

It says he can make progress. His QBR the last few games was 58 out of 100. I think we have to find out what we have in him. I donít think weíll have to make a choice on Burrows, heíll be gone, but either way thereís enough progress with Haskins to think we have some hope.

Letís put some players around him, and some genuine defensive support through a better defensive scheme, and see where we can go.
They were clearly building the scheme on the fly after Gruden left. I agree that we saw clear growth once he was named the starter for the season and the coaching staff put their efforts into his training. I am excited to see what he can do with a full offseason where the coach and scheme is designed for his strengths and our young receiving corp.

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