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Now that I am living in Jacksonville I've been paying some attention to the Jaguars so I think I can provide some insight into what kind of a team we'll be facing today.

Here is what we should fear the most about the Jags: Head Coach Doug Pederson. Coach Pederson is a breath of fresh air for Jags players after they suffered through a season of Urban Meyer at the helm and I think they'll play hard for him.

More than that, Pederson is one of the top offensive minds in football and he will be calling the plays. JDR is no match for him. Pederson is as creative a play caller in the Red Zone as I've seen.

Do you think we've had trouble stopping other teams on third down? Now we may be needing to stop the Jags on fourth down, as well. Pederson has gone for it on fourth down and converted more first downs on fourth down plays than any coach in the NFL.

Now to the various units.

QB - Trevor Lawrence is improved this season and he is a pleasure to watch even if you aren't rooting for him. He still has some work to do in playing the position. He doesn't always anticipate when receivers will be coming open and instead he relies on his rocket arm too much. That results in his throwing behind receivers. He also throws into double or triple coverage at times. Yet he is an outstanding talent who can beat you.

OL - This is not a top-notch unit IMO. They have a good LT and a great RG (our boy Brandon Sherff). They have struggled throughout the preseason to find starters at RT and LG. Their C is young and not particularly stout.

RB - They have a RB tandem of James Robinson and Travis Etienne that is very strong if the OL can move people.

WR - They have a couple of good veterans at WR but they lack a true #!.

TE - Also not an impressive unit IMO. They have Evan Engram but I can't recall that we ever had much trouble from him.

The Jags play a base 3-4 defense.

DL - Good inside pass rushing but not impressive against the run.

OLB - Good pass rushers.

ILB - One good vet and two promising rookies.

DB - Not very impressive. Can be beaten.

K - They have had trouble finding a FG kicker. I don't think they succeeded.
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