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Re: Giants post season ending loss thread

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Agreed, despite the 2 terrible TOs late, Alex was slinging it.

There have been some awfully mixed and contradictory messages sent by RR, some very questionnable in-game decisions, but watching the last couple of games I don't see them not trying to win.

Which is why I hate the first half of this game, I expected them to come out of the bye week swinging and they shot themselves in the foot several times. The announcer saying you wouldn't guess which team had a short week and which team had a bye pretty much sums it up IMO.
Yeah, I was pretty disappointed in how the first half of that game went coming out of the bye. That was a great play to Gibson to start the first drive - until he coughed it up. I can't help but wonder how different the game would have been if that didn't happen...or if someone, anyone, would have just batted that damn ball out of bounds! I remained optimistic that they would pull it out, despite the sluggish start and the injury to Kyle, but the late turnovers were brutal.
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