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Re: Washington Football Team Salary Cap Status 2021

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
This assume a 198.4M cap .. which would be a slight increase from this years 198.2M cap. Ive read articles there is now optimism the cap wont shrink that much (195M) ... certainly not the floor of 175M. They normally set the cap in December but I read they (owners and NFLPA) will decide in late February or March.

175M would unfairly cripple some teams but I would like to see the cap as low as possible bc I think that would benefit us.
I think itís quite likely that, if the math said the cap needs to be something low like $175M, then the owners will come together and make a deal to borrow some from the future so the cap doesnít have to sit at $175M and hurt so many teams.

Itís not in the best interests of the NFL to have 20 teams in a position where they have to cut productive veterans. Theyíll strike a deal to work around that.
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