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Re: Marty Hurney Thread

Originally Posted by SFREDSKIN View Post
So what was he supposed to do? Say, “hey Ron we are keeping Kyle”. He wouldn’t dare question Ron.
THE DAN had no choice but to cede a very good but not great coach more power than he should have because this is the only way he would take the job. This is because THE DAN has such a bad reputation for obvious reasons we need not revisit. Short version, THE DAN ALWAYS meddles, so no good coach will take job without such power, especially after way Shanny was cornholed. Shanny was same problem as RR, a talented coach given too much FO and personnel power, and then meddled when it didn't produce the results. We are thus hostage to the meddling of THE DAN even now.

The point is, there has to be someone in the organization questioning the head coach, as even very good coaches usually are not personnel gurus and often become emotional about personnel decisions, making poor decisions out of a well-intended desire to win and the belief that they can coach guys up. You need a GM above the coach with the power to enforce the long view--like saying no to mortgaging the future yet again. With the talent Smith has acquired, and his pedigree, there should have been someone saying keep him over Hurney and Mayhew. I would much rather have Smith making long-term personnel decisions than RR, Hurney, and Mayhew. Organizations usually segregate these two roles and place the GM above the coach for very good reason, though in the best organizations the GM and coach work together without the GM being the bitch of the coach.

Saying that something is an improvement over past, as bad as this organization has been, does not mean it gets us where we need to be.
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