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Re: Marty Hurney Thread

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
For whatever reason im questioning whether im reading this right.

2021 cap hit - whopping eye opening piss you off 17.2M
2021 dead cap if dropped - 13.8M

You drop him, you save 3.4M for 2021.

Id rather have Landon Collins for 3.4M vs having an addl 3.4M in cap .... especially considering we probably will have 10M or so in unused cap for 2021 anyway. Landon Collins is not a negative on the field and seems to be a good locker room leader in a young secondary.

He is not worth the 17.2M cap hit but he does bring value on and off the field.

besides I am not 100% convinced Curl will be a long term starter plus player we are just assuming he will be. I think we artificially elevate low draft young players a bit when they surpass our low expectations of them.

If Curl was a 2nd or 3rd rounder ... I think more people would be medium on him. But since we all love the underdog, diamond in the rough story ... we crown him. I like Curl dont get me wrong and do think he has a better chance of making an impact vs a bacari rambo or philip thomas .. but im not crowning Curl as a top 30 safety. Not yet.

Another horrible decision by old FO. Collins gives everything he has, but he is the kind of safety that is less and less ideal in today's NFL, an in-the-box liability. We have a roster that is built the wrong may in many respects. You want your best OL to be LT and C, not RG, LOL. You want your best DBs to be a shutdown corner and roving FS, not a SS that can't cover or ever be left alone in coverage.

The question is what do you do? You can't go back in time. You cut Collins, you still need depth behind him, and we already need 15+ guys. See Curl thrive one more year before cutting Collins, especially with cap hit.

Same thing Scherff. How is our best OL a right G? We know how, but man. We have no MLB, no franchise LT, no shutdown corner, and we're paying a RG 15 milion+? But if you don't, just another hole.

I see Scherff get absolutely blown out in pass coverage too much to pay him that kind of money. But you can't let your only All Pro walk?

The previous mismanagement of this team still defies comprehension. We need to keep building primarily through the draft, and that means not surrendering draft picks for trade-ups or retreads. You have to eat it and sign Scherff, but make sure our high-contract guys are also at high-leverage positions going forward. When two of your biggest contracts are for a RG that can't pass block consistently, and a SS that can't cover, I mean man.
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