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Re: Washington Football Team Salary Cap Status 2021

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Would you be ok with paying Dak $35M?
I honestly dont know. Ive had difficulty figuring out who he is. Ive seen him throw guys open with anticipation and also just throw an inaccurate ball other times. Seems to read a defense well enough but not elite. Does he control safeties with his eyes? idk.

I think scrambling and extending plays is the next big "need" for a QB and I think RR values that skill. That is one trait I dont have to question about Dak, he has the ability to extend plays and keep his eyes down field. He has the ability to scramble for 5 yards on a busted 3rd and 4.

Hes a winner imo. A poor man Russell Wilson and thats a huge compliment.
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