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Re: WFT Free Agency Plan

For me, I look at who's an upgrade over what we have.

QB - If we hadn't tendered Allen I might have gone for a 1 year rental on Fitz. But he's not really much of an upgrade on what we have already. For QB it's draft in my book.
RB - McKissick is the only guy I'd really want to keep after Gibson. I'd consider Davis, as he's an every down back, as well as Drake. But I wouldn't pay silly money; there will be HB's in the draft and UDFA that will likely turn out good backups.
WR - Deffo go after Golladay and Samuel, but only sign 1 of them. We've got good potential at least in what would then be our 3rd, 4th and 5th WR's (I favour Cam Sims, Harmon and Gandy-Golden right now) so both would be an expensive luxury. Golladay offers us close to having 2 x #1's and Samuel offers a lot of flexibility.
TE - I'd like to go after Henry but I think Everett and Smith will offer more VFM.
OL - now we're keeping Scherff this year I don't see anyone as great value in FA, at least not without injury risk. Maybe Fisher if he checks out physically.
DL - Nobody except maybe a little depth if we let Kerrigan walk?
LB - Jayon Brown? LB seems to be one of the weaker positions in FA so we must be looking at the draft to fill need.
DB - If we could pick up Harris and Griffin/Jackson to shore up S and CB I'd be happy. And that's assuming we can re-sign Darby, who I think they want to keep.

Tall order, but if we could land all or most of these guys, then it gives us so many options in the draft, including trading up (QB) if we can get 'our guy'. But half of them would make us competitive, if not division favourites, with an above average QB performance.
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