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Re: Coronavirus (sports edition) thread

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
I'mma be real here, don't want to see anyone in here defending personal freedom talking any shit about this team if/when we lose games because we have key players on the COVID list.

We might be losing games but we'll be winning in the personal freedom column.
Again, not saying the vaccine should be mandatory, I'm with you on personal freedom.
But I can still have an opinion on the matter. And if we lose starters during the regular season, my opinion will be that it's one of the lamest reason to lose starters.

The thing is my stand on the vaccine isn't very strong, I'm not all out "everybody should get vaccinated no questions asked", I have close family members who don't want to get vaccinated and I don't even discuss it with them, cuz I didn't look into it that much and have neither a strong opinion nor a lot of arguments.
All I know is with the NFL rules, which are not perfect, a lot of players not being vaccinated could lead to lost games. Not saying anybody should be forced to have the shot. But I'm gonna be disappointed if my team loses games that way, and if we're being honest we all will, won't we ?
Nobody is gonna be glad if Chase, Scherff and Terry are out on Covid list during the season...

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