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Re: Welcome Carson Wentz

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
It wasn't just the Jacksonville game. It was over the course of the entire season. If you watched Hard Knocks the vibe seemed to be that they were waiting for Wentz to do more. They were waiting for him to take over a game.

They beat the Pats 27-17 and Wentz went 5-12 w/ an int. How do you complete 5 passes in an NFL game? He had some other games where he wasn't getting close to 200 yards. If Taylor was shut down Wentz didn't seem like he was good enough to carry the team.

Irsay is an a-hole for coming out and saying what he said, but it's not like there isn't any truth to it.
Irsay is trying to say Wentz was a terrible QB, and try to excuse his knee-jerk decision to get rid of him. So no, there isn't any truth to what he says because he's a Snyder-like incompetent owner. I'm pretty sure you would not believe anything Snyder would say about any player.

Wentz has A LOT to prove and knows this is his last opportunity to make something of his career. And I'm not going to drink the Kool Aid in saying that he's going to ball out or ignore potential issues that he brings.

But I also not going to believe anything that Irsay says or cherry pick bad examples of what happened last year.
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