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Re: Falcons postgame

My bad to Chase on calling him a dumbfuck on that personal foul. While I don't understand the form or thought process, that was not a penalty and should have been his 1st sack. My apologies.

I think we caught a break when they picked up the flag against McTyer. Since we won, I'll call that a wash.

Our 3rd down defense is an absolute embarrassment. It can be long, short, or in between, doesn't seem to matter.

WTF is JDR calling plays where a safety is covering a RB 1 on 1 from 10 yards back? That was one of several head scratches. The players aren't getting it done, but JDR is setting them up for failure time and time again.

The run game was solid today. Gibson is a stud.

Overall, the OL did a damn good job today. Good work men.

McKissic is the golden signing for this team. Need to extend him thru next year.

Terry, I love you! Such a stud.

Heinicke, you got moxy my man. I don't think you're the future, but you fight your fucking ass off. Mad respect yo!!

We won!!! Winning ugly is better than losing sexy!

Still only 1 game behind Dallas Fuckboys!

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