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Re: Skins v Saints Pre game thread

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Saints defense is really suffering...opportunities abound.

Looking at this game and are past 2 wins....whats the common theme? Running the ball to control the clock and keep the defense on the sidelines resting First Half....Conservative game management Second half where we lean on the defense a little more.

The best way to stop a good offense is to execute a good running game and balance pass attack. That way we keep a our defense fresh. The reason Payne and Allen played most the game is we didn't wear them out in the first half versus Green Bay.

Offensively, lets run AP and CT. I hope more opportunity for CT this week, Green Bay keyed him all game last week. With Saints secondary hurting (especially at Safety) take some shots when available.

Defense....much tougher task. Too me, its all about Alvin Kamara. He is the must stop. Mark Ingram is back but I think he will get eased back in with bout 10 touches. I think our Secondary can handle their receiving core...Green Bay had better overall talent at receiver and we played error free sans the blown coverage in the second quarter.

We MUST tackle better this week and we need Zack Brown to transform into the volume tackler to plug up the run holes. Zack needs to have one of those 14-15 tackle games stoping the run attack.

Burbon Street Kool-Aid Special:

Skins 29
Saints 25

Im going camping all weekend...and get back Monday afternoon to catch this one. Im pumped
LOL Pour me some too!!!!

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