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Re: Top Stories Going Into Camp

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
Honestly, I'm tired of the negative Nancy's that want to blow everything up. The Browns have been blowing things up every year, and that hasn't worked for them.

Like it or not, the Redskins have done a lot of things to try to build their roster, infuse young players, and try to minimize crazy contracts. One of their main problems has been getting blown up like crazy with injuries for two seasons in a row.

If the team went 3-13 for two straight years, I would say blow things up, but that hasn't happened. Honestly, I feel that if we catch a f*cking break with injuries, there is a something that this team could do to build on and get some wins, perhaps even a playoff appearance or two.
How is wanting to get the young guys on the field blowing things up?
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