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Re: Top Stories Going Into Camp

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
We can't make a playoff run and beat the top teams with Keenum. He's already been on 20 teams and none of them wanted him. Like Colt, great back up and that should be his role. This is why Haskins should get 100% of the first team reps in camp.

How did protecting the ball work against teams like the Saints, Falcons and Colts? Smith was playing his worst game against the Texans before he got hurt. So by my count that'd be 6-4 and going the wrong way. You gotta have a QB that can take you all the way.
The thing that helped Alex Smith win games last year will be the samething that will help us win games this year: RUN THE FUCKING BALL

AP, Guice, CT, Perine...I see a really solid unit there. Gotta get Silverback on the field to help.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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