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Re: YOU play GM (Since we don't have one)

This is easy.

The first thing I'm doing is hiring the head coach. It's going to be a guy who instills discipline, respect, and hard work. A Tom Coughlin/Marty Schottenheimer type of coach. I'm then giving him full authority to hire his coaching staff. He will be in control of the hiring and firing of his staff. I will be in control of the hiring and firing of the head coach.

The next thing I do is revamp the scouting department. I want scouts who excel in finding those diamond in the rough players, those guys who are late round players or undrafted free agents. Finding quality in the higher rounds usually isn't too hard, it's the guys who will provide quality depth that are hard to find.

I will then replace the training and conditioning staff. I don't want to see out of shape, injured players at Redskins Park. I want them in optimal condition.

After that, I'm sitting back and seeing how it plays out.
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