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Re: YOU play GM (Since we don't have one)

If I知 a decision maker,

-First thing I知 doing is putting Haskins and O辰onnell In charge of the offense and seeing if there is chemistry. Haskins plays and O辰onnell calls plays and runs the offense

- Eric bieniemy, Matt Eberflus are my top coaching targets. O辰onnell could play his way as the 3rd candidate. I知 watching Mike Zimmer job status as well. Zimmer at minimum is the highest rated D Coordinator I want on staff..and possible HC candidate.

- I知 targeting Alex Smith and Haskins as the plan at QB going forward into next year. I知 trading all veterans if possible and cutting the rest in the offseason. Alex Smith could be the starter in an Eric beinemy offense...better scheme fit.

- the team focus on offense will be the rebuild, rescheming of the running game. While we try to find the future at QB, when can strengthen the ground game. I知 resetting the TE position offseason, reshaping the Oline for ground game and I知 getting a solid running back in the offseason specifically Kareem Hunt in free agency.

-the team focus on defense will be the strength, the dline. D coordinator can take the talent of Matty I, Allen, Payne, Settle, Sweat with the intent of not a rotation,but a front which gets these all on the field at the same time. With Norman gone, I知 gonna add a Corner in free agency and look to add an athletic LB.

- I知 gonna be more proactive in our young talent in extending guys early...with Monte, Dunbar and Chase Roulier all playing solid...reasonable extensions. I知 resigning Scherff.
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