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Re: New 4th and 15 rule..................

Originally Posted by Tennskinsfan View Post
I like the thought of shortening the yard to 7-8 but by the time they get done reviewing each and every onside attempt to make sure that it went the proper distance. The game would drag on forever. I donít see them adding another line on the field so how would one even ensure on replays that it went the distance. It would slow down the pace of the game too much towards the end. I just canít see making it efficient from a verification standpoint. Regardless of what the refs decide. Your going to have fans of the losing side saying it was the opposite. And we have a whole new Dez catch scenario that just keeps compounding.
Originally Posted by HTTR
Why is any team that just scored entitled to get the ball back through some kind of gimmick? This is video game thinking, not football. Youíre supposed to play football for 60 minutes and the team thatís ahead wins.

If you want a gimmick that is as random as a 4th and 15 rule, make it a good one: Hand to hand combat on the 50 yard line between either the kicker or the punter of the scoring team and any player chosen by the team thatís ahead. Winner gets the ball on the 20.
Agree with both of you.

Again, just remember your kicker and special team coordinator that onside kicks are part of their respective jobs. Not something that they might have to do but nobody expects them to succeed at...

If 90% of onside kicks were kicked properly, then the recovery would be 40/60%ish IMO (This statistical study was offered to you by Bernard, regular customer of my local bar).
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