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Re: Redskins Salary Cap Status 2019

Originally Posted by BigHairedAristocrat View Post
In making that statement, i was saying that Kendall Fuller's presence (we gave him up as part of the deal for smith), would have made Norman expendable. We'd have cap savings from cutting Norman, which we could have used to address other areas of the team, we could have used it on a FA CB (there were many available in free agency), we could have drafted one (assuming we spent money to fill needs elsewhere in free agency), or we could have just rolled with Fuller an Dunbar as our top 2 corners. Hell, we could even have cut Norman and resigned him (think this could be an option next year).

My point was the additional 20MM in cap room without the smith contract, plus the presence Fuller, would have given us the flexibility to dump Norman's ridiculous contract.
I understand your point, your reasoning, and everything that you said.

I am still just curious about which specific free agents you were thinking of when you said good/elite starters.
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