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Re: If Smith returns....HYPOTHETICALLY speaking.....

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
I seriously doubt if Alex Smith will ever play another game in the NFL. This year he recovers and coaches up Dwayne Haskins. Next season Dwayne will be the starter one way or another, which means Alex - if he fully recovers will be the backup or third string QB. There is little incentive for Alex to further risk his health playing in the NFL - he gets paid regardless. Thank you Bruce, for this ridiculous contract for a QB who was 35.
You hit the nail on the head. To me, it was never about Alex but it was always about the shocking huge contract the Skins offered him just when we were about to benefit from the huge cap relief gained by Cousins leaving.

We needed a veteran QB as a stopgap until we could draft and develop a promising young QB to take over the reins but that stopgap QB didn't need to be Alex Smith and the contract with whomever we signed should have been reasonable.
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