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Re: Ryan Kerrigan Appreciation thread.

Originally Posted by AnonEmouse View Post
Hard to argue with that, but given the different scenario to TW we should play hardball. We don't have a glaring need to trade him and get some kind of value back (although he is UFA next year), and if SF come calling their need is far greater. The reverse of the TW trade; they want a pro bowl capable player, they have to at least come close to a pro bowl level offer.

Q presumably we'd value picks over a player swap (or combo). Would you go for a package of lower picks or try to get a single higher (rd 2?) pick?
We would def need to get a OL in return but I don't see them doing that deal. Plus if we beat CLE Sunday 2-1 is a solid start. I'm not ready to write them off just yet

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