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Re: Cards postgame

It is a good thing for us — fans, RR and most of all DS — to resist the urge to go after the flashy new QB savior. Been there, done that.

The whole WFT enterprise is going through a much needed overhaul, and part of what I hope emerges is a coaching culture that steadily moves toward a common goal and develops players to fit into that plan. This will take a couple of years to see what shape that is taking, especially on our dumpster-fire offense.

Haskins is still the poster child of Redskins dysfunction — a guy the owner wanted but the coaches didn’t, a guy thrown into new offensive systems every few months, a young guy with limited college and pro starts trying to lead a group of older guys who are barely NFL caliber.

It may be that DH doesn’t develop along the lines that RR and ST have in mind. But I trust them to know this in due course and make the right call come draft time.

We have to stop once and for all the pattern of throwing people into a poorly run organization and then scapegoating them after a season or two for not turning things around.

I have to say I’m enjoying being a fan of this team in full overhaul mode much more than being a fan of Bruce Allen’s “we’re almost there, but having a good time watching naked cheerleader videos” mode. DS can still screw things up, but I’m hoping he understands how close he’s come to having his balls chopped off.
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