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Re: Cards postgame

Fast-reading through the thread I didn't see much about the not calling time-outs in the final minutes of a 2 possessions game thing...

Winning the game was a long shot, but 15 points with 2+min of football and 3 time-outs left is not that crazy. We had scored on our 3 last drives, Haskins was playing better... and most importantly if you're trying to build a new culture, then you try to win, you don't tap out...

Or if you are then take your starters out.

I really didn't like that.

Nor did I the play call on 3rd and goal at AZ's 6, leading up to the FG. It's 4th down territory, try to get 3/4 yards and go for a TD on a 4th and 2 !
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