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Re: Around the NFL Week 2

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
Wearing a mask is required to be on the premises.

If you refuse to wear a mask, youre asked to leave.

If you refuse to leave, youre trespassing.

If you resist being escorted out, you get arrested.

If you resist arrest, you get charged with resisting arrest.


Or does the "just comply and follow orders" thing not apply here? You think she doesnt have to comply bc you think mask requirements arent right?

News flash .. lots of people pulled over bc "they match a description" dont think its right either but when they question police or resist .. what do you say?

"If they had just followed the officers commands and not resisted arrest ..."

Save me on the spin on somehow this is different jargon.

have a good day Buster.
Get your sensitive, "I-care-about-other-people" liberal ass out of here Sunny. We don't tolerate yer kind 'round here.
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