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Re: Punch's Post-Game Thread

Originally Posted by VTSkins1961 View Post
We will be lucky to win 3 games

You may be right. It all depends on how Allen plays. He showed that he could run and scramble, which is better than Haskins or Smith. That running ability gives at least a modest upgrade to the offense. A second upgrade would be Allenís ability connect on medium to long passes. Weíll have to see if Allen can connect on real medium to long passes in these next games. Building a full assortment of passes will open up the run game AND the short passing plays.

Haskinís had that one long pass to McLaurin in his last game, but he hasnít been able to accurately make passes over 20 yards (he has passes over 20 yds but they were mostly all YAC). Smith had the same problem. Both Smith and Haskins ended up doing very short passes as their basic staple. But the Rams showed the BLUEPRINT of how to beat Smithís SHORT passing game: put ď8 in the boxĒ and double-team McLaurin. Neither Haskins nor Smith has showed the ability to connect on the mid-to-long passes. So, with the defense crowded up to the front, the rushing game is jammed, and the YAC from short passes is MINIMAL.

I think Allen will do better than Haskins and Smith. But his desire to prove himself may result in getting hurt, as he almost was today in a helmet-to-helmet play that let Alex Smith come in. Also, as teams get tape on him, his ability to surprise them will go down.

AGAIN, the best things to happen to this team are the following:

1. Snyder is forced to sell the team by the NFL / Owners. The Haskinís fiasco is just another in a incredible number of horrible personnel decisions made by Snyder over the years. The amazing thing is that after 20 years of mistakes, failures and losses, Snyder still thinks that he knows more about picking NFL personnel than anyone else. He ignored Gruden, the scouts and picked a QB because Haskins went to school with his kids!! If heís not forced to sell, Snyder will eventually lean on the next HC to let Danny play fantasy football some more.

2. Win the least number of games. The fewer the better, because the team will need to pick a QB in the first round. Right now the Giants, Jets and Falcons are all at 0-5. If the Giants beat us, that drops us below then. Our QB draftee in the first round , all the rest of the draft picks and FA signings will be the first chosen SOLELY by Rivera, Kyle Smith and the rest of the coaches with ZERO INPUT from Snyder or his lackey GM. Unfortunately, it will take SEVERAL YEARS to eliminate all the Snyder-dictated or Snyder-influenced personnel MISTAKES. It will take at least 2 years to clean out Snyderís trash!

I understand why Rivera couldnít keep Haskinís in any longer. If the stories are true, Haskinís slacking off of his film study and practice time must have totally pissed off Rivera and the coaches ( and even the players). In fact, it was really being thrown back in the coachís faces. But thinking the team is better than it is, was a major Bruce Allen character flaw. I hope Rivera figures out quickly how bad this team really is, for the changes he needs to make after the season is over.

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