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Re: Kyle Allen named the starter

Originally Posted by DYoungJelly View Post
Are they?

What coaches say publicly is usually not very reliable indicator of what they are thinking. The most recent example is the post game presser RR gave quickly followed by the benching

Or, do they just think he is the best guy on the roster and are talking up him and their decision to start him?

Hard to tell at this point. The only thing for sure is they have no confidence in Haskins.

I think most of the fans who really pay attention, members of this forum, probably share that opinion. Allen isn't the answer, just the best short term option of three.

If no Trevor Lawrence, I'd take Trey Lance.

Other possibilities at positions of need, PSU's LB Micah Parsons, Alabama CB Patrick Surtain, Oregon OT Penei Sewell
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