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Re: Alex Smith’s Amazing Comeback(?)

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
Alex just did the unthinkable. He can do whatever the F he wants in my book.
In an ideal world yes, but as far as playing QB in the NFL again, or at least starting, he's got a lot to prove, not just his ability to take hits. It's not up to him IF he can't play better than any of the 32 starting QB's in the league. But truth is, the fact he can play at all has taken that decision out of his own hands. The team could (and arguably should) have released him last year, but they stuck by him, and now it makes sense to at least keep him around until next year, when cutting him would give us a 'smaller' cap hit of, I believe, $10.4M.

But will he play well enough again, indeed especially here, to warrant keeping him on a starters salary? If we draft the new wunderkind, and logically keep Allen as backup, Smith would again be #3, assuming he couldn't become #1 or 2 in camp. We could hardly justify keeping a #3 let alone such an expensive one. But he's still not likely available to other teams until the spring, and he'll be 37 with little playing time in 3 years (assuming Allen doesn't get hurt again or shit the bed). Who's going to give him the chance to win the starters job at that age, with that lack of recent playing time? With the likely 2 or 3 top QB's in next years draft, there's going to be younger QB's available with a better portfolio of recent game film that can probably compete better for the #2 job, let alone starters. I just can't see a market for him unless he comes onto the field again this year and wow's us. And considering he hardly wowed us before the injury...
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