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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

I think we are seeing that Rivera may not be the perfect savior for this franchise. BUT, he’s good enough and will change the loser mentality of this franchise - NEXT YEAR.

Of course, the best thing to help this team is when Snyder will be forced to sell the team in 2021. Then they’ll be able to pick a team name. The incomparable asset that Rivera has is his ability to create a team without interference from Snyder OR his lackey GM such as Cerrato or Allen.

To be successful, Rivera needs to first beat his cancer. Hopefully, Snyder will be forced to sell or neutered as the owner as far a Rivera is concerned. The team needs a name to rally behind. As the players improve, so will the coaching. I’m surprised at the defense, but it shows how bad personnel decisions can submarine a team, even with good coaching.

I think Rivera will draft an excellent QB to build this team around. The OL will get high draft picks and FA next year. Another very good or better WR will help McLaurin. They’ll use bucks to get a TE to help the rookie QB.
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