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Re: Alex Smith’s Amazing Comeback(?)

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Smith showed that he has little to offer as the backup. Even when he brought the team to 6-2, defenses figured how to stop him. Put “8 in the box” and daring Alex to throw long. They were crushing Alex when he got hurt in 2018 and this last game when he took 6 sacks. Of course, part of it is that our OL is full of holes. Glad to see Martin moved out as the LG.

Smith was rusty and may play again if Allen is hurt. It is interesting that Smith is exactly the same type of passer as BRUNNELL, who also was an aged QB who loved the dunk and dunk sort of pass games. Why do we keep bringing in guys like that? Because SNYDER was making the personnel decisions. He’s happy to win 5-6 wins, so he can say, “Winning is just around the corner”. That’s what you get with that sort of passer.

Smith probably will retire and perhaps coach like Zorn did. But he is WAY, WAY too expensive as a backup. On this team, he will be gone. He had a amazing comeback and he was a wonderful tutor to Haskins but the NFL of 2020 has passed him by. You need to be a great passer with excellent mobility for this league. That’s what we’ll draft next year in the draft.

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I'm sorry, but I disagree with you about Brunell. He was one of my favorite players here, along with Stephen Davis, and Champ Bailey. Joe Gibbs' first year back in 2004 was obviously not successful, and Mark Brunell IMO bore a lot of the blame when it wasn't 100% his fault. Compare in 2005, what a great year he had. Over 3K yards passing, 23 TD's, and 10 INT's. He was throwing the ball downfield well. Remember those two bombs he throw to Santana Moss to beat the Cowboys? I'll never forget that game.

I'll still never know why they brought in Al Saunders and his 2 thousand page playbook in 2006. Joe Gibbs' offense was pretty good in 05'. But it made us suck, because nobody knew what they hell they were doing. Cooley has said it many times. Brunell had to go with the dink and dunk because it was the safe easy throw when nobody knew what else they were doing out on the field. I will always believe that Brunell was the scapegoat for an entire team that was underperforming.
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