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Re: RAMS Postgame

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Disagree on Foster but that's the past...

Definitely agree on Davis though, the guy is slow as the drugged out son of a turtle and a hedgehog... and what good does knowing the defense bring if you don't do your assignment anyway...
Does the film session go:
"-Hey Thomas, the flat was...
-Yeah yeah coach the flat was definitely mine, I didn't go there because I was too tired but I know my assignment of course !
- Okay, see guys?! THIS is what we want ! Somebody who knows 100% of the playbook ! Ok, next week we might start applying what we know on the field, but don't rush it guys, wouldn't want to hurt the development of this young football team !" ?
So you remember that play I posted a gif about?
I had also posted it to twitter, with the other embarrassing plays from the film breakdown, Cooley responded "you sure found them. tough to watch".

Well, I don't know why because I didn't tag him, and I'm only on Twitter to follow WFT related things and mainly post about the name change, so I have like 12 or so followers... But Thomas Davis found the tweet and didn't like it...

Man how dysfunctional is this team when we have 15 years vet defending their play during an ugly loss on a tweet that got 15 likes... sad... also a bit funny. But mainly sad.

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