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Re: Redskins 2019 PRE Draft thread

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
I went and watched Will Grier highlights. I think heís worth considering.

Here are highlights. With highlights you have to be careful because it leaves out any boneheaded plays or times he may have been careless with the ball. In other words be aware that youíre not seeing the whole picture.

But that said watch these throws. On the ones where the defender is beat by two steps or more, watch it and pretend thereís no defender there at all. Does the WR have to break stride?

On the ones where where the defender is all over the WR, is the ball placed in a low risk spot where only the WR could get it?

Yes and yes. Dudeís accurate as F and looks a little like Big Ben to me. Needs to quicken the elongated delivery but worth considering.

Iím not so sure this QB class canít play.

I've been saying it since mid season, he's the guy I want, watched a lot of his film, very good QB.

Spoke to a fellow co-worker (former NFL QB) and he said stay at 15 and take Grier or go Jones in the 2nd round. Murray will be a top 10 pick and we don't need to trade up for him IMO.

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