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Re: Redskins 2019 PRE Draft thread

Originally Posted by WillH View Post
Would you believe more in this current FO if they hit the reset button now, traded away assets, picked up as many future picks as they could and accepted that with the Smith situation that this team has no chance over the next couple of years, and that next year was a better opportunity to draft a franchise QB?

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Not a bad idea, however other than Norman and possibly Reed there is not much I would trade. Do not resign Crowder, P.Smith or Ha Ha ...take the comp picks.

2019 draft
#1 TE....there are several great TEs in this draft....Hockenson, Smith, Fant
#2 G
#3 CB
#5 S
#5 QB
#6 S
#7 ILB

Add a few moderate priced free agents....C, T, LB, S

The offense will stink and they should be able to get a good QB in the 2020 draft.
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