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Re: Redskins 2019 PRE Draft thread

Originally Posted by WillH View Post
Would you believe more in this current FO if they hit the reset button now, traded away assets, picked up as many future picks as they could and accepted that with the Smith situation that this team has no chance over the next couple of years, and that next year was a better opportunity to draft a franchise QB?

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I don't know if I would believe in this FO to get anything right, however I tend to think this would be the smarter play. I do not believe they will do this at all though, and somewhat expect them to trade up and draft Murray...since that would be "winning the offseason" in their minds...and temporarily take some of the heat off of them. Unless they learn before the draft, that there is a REAL chance Alex could play again this season...and even if they learned that, they may would still trade up and draft Murray. Nothing they could do at this point would surprise me, other than Snyder selling the team or firing Bruce.
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