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Re: Trent Williams ends season-long holdout, rejoins Redskins

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Yeah it was the Browns' 2nd. And earlier in the season the Pats' 1st by JP Finflay and Kevin Sheehan.

Now TW is clearly middle fingering the FO, using the medical issue he hates them for as an excuse to not play for this team.

I can understand hating on TW because of all the drama, but I'm more mad at the FO for the way they mishandled it.
Trent and his people are not completely innocent in this mess. The pissing match between both sides has been ridiculous.

Also, everyone knows Trent doesn't plan to play even now that he has reported (JP reported this), so the "helmet discomfort" is more on him than the team IMO.
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