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Re: QB or BPA for our #1 Draft Pick - 2020


WR: McLaurin
WR: Harmon
Slot: Sims or Quinn
LT: New Starter Needed
RT: Re-sign Flowers (or new starter needed if we don't)
C: New Starter Needed
RG: New Starter Needed (Scherff has been terrible, not paying him 13 million)
RT: New Starter Needed (Moses is a bum and I think he brings the team down)
TE: New Starter Needed (and also another TE to go with Sprinkle as backups)
RB: Guice (Hopefully Love as 3rd down back)
QB: Haskins


CB: Dunbar
SS: Collins
FS: New Starter Needed
CB: New Starter Needed
OLB: Sweat
ILB: New Starter Needed or Foster if healthy (keep 2 of the current guys as backups)
ILB: New Starter Needed (Don't think any of our ILBs are quality starters)
OLB: Kerrigan (although I would think about cutting him, especially if we draft Young)
DE: Payne
NT: Ioannidis
DE: Allen

I count 9 new starters needed in an ideal world, and possibly 10 if we cut Kerrigan. Not realistic to replace 9 guys usually, so a few of the guys I think should be replaced will still be here.
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